Move with Simran and get a fit body.

Simran Kaur Dhillon (@fit.simran on instagram) is an ISSA and ACE Certified personal trainer, a fitness influencer and an online trainer who believes movement is the basic gesture of human life, it begins at birth and stops only when we pass away. Every aspect of human life is affected by movement, from the happiness of seeing a baby crawl to the euphoria of lifting a 100 kg weight by yourself.

Hence the correct movements accompanied by a healthy diet, can bring about a significant change in our body and mind.
we can shape it, strengthen it and be the best version of ourselves physically and mentally.

Simran also gives online personal training, assesment and fitness plans through her Instagram.

Recently she also conducted a yoga session at Hotel Golden Tulip Lucknow for Yoga Day Celebration and made people shake a leg.

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