Mom of the home can’t afford to fall sick.

“A woman incarnates a life in a house and personifies it into a home.”

From a freedom fighter who played a crucial role in the country’s independence, a political leader who leads a country, a CEO who is runs a company, a bureaucrat responsible for government policies, a doctor who saves lives, a teacher who is training the country’s future, to a mother who is bringing new life on earth, women are exceptional in whatever they do. Women are indeed God’s greatest creation. They are an inspiration not only for other women but also for men. Women are fearless, strong, opinionated, competitive, yet embrace the family with sensitivity, care, love and pure intentions. The list of what a woman can do goes on and on, as they are the backbone of a family and the bedrock of society, who can diligently juggle her responsibilities of home, career as well as society.

On this special occasion of “Mother’s day”, we must salute to the core of the family – A Mother, who weaves the family together into a beautiful garland. She creates an atmosphere that flourishes each person in the family. She caters to everyone’s needs, nurses them back to health when sick, provide them mental support, celebrates their success and stands next to them rock-solid in the toughest of times. It’s a mother’s lap that gives you peaceful sleep even after the most stressful days. The kind of affection a mother gives to the family is unmatched. She puts in relentless work for often a thankless job.

As a life transformation coach, I have closely worked with numerous women and noticed that the pressure on today’s women is unrelenting. In the pursuit of managing all these roles perfectly, women, especially mothers sometimes lose sight of their own needs and desires and struggle a lot in their personal and professional arenas. And their inner emotional turmoil has direct impact and adverse implications in the home environment, upbringing of children and upkeep of the home. 

Since, every aspect of the home is somewhat dependent on her, here are some of my advice as a life coach to all Mothers to make sure that you don’t feel unhappy, inadequate, anxious or depressed and fall sick, mentally or physically and effectively balance your work and family better. 

Practise self-care 

Self-care requires effort, and it sometimes means putting yourself before your family. It might not come naturally to you, but it is essential. Self-care helps in being emotionally available for your family. No matter how busy your life is, self-care is invaluable. Take some time to nurture yourself and do things that make you feel content and whole. If you keep practising self-care, after a point, it will become a part of your routine.

Eat well, stay hydrated and exercise.

Not looking after ourselves and our body is the main reason why women suffer from more chronic diseases than men. Obesity is the root of a plethora of health issues. Develop a good relationship with your food, sleep well, and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit.

Timely meals will keep you energized throughout the day and also boost your metabolism. Eat clean and try to get all the nutrients from natural foods. Water maintains the physical and mental functioning of your body. Make sure to drink at least three litres of water daily. 

Even a quick 30-min-long brisk walk or jogging can help. Dancing and cycling are good too. Just make a start!

You don’t need to sacrifice always.

With my decades of experience, I can tell you it’s our own beliefs that limit us. Parenting is a tough job, especially when it comes to mothers. Women forget about themselves when they become a mom. All they care about is giving a good life to their children. But, when you stop caring for yourself and start deprioritizing your needs, your ability to care for your child is impacted.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams and your passion. 

Remember the times before motherhood when you went out with friends, watched your favourite movies, took time for your hobbies, and went shopping. But once you become a mother, how often do you take time for yourself? Our motherly instinct naturally tells us to sacrifice for our children. We find pleasure in their happiness. 

But, if you don’t take time for yourself, you will burn out at some point, which will eventually affect your child. Learn to say ‘No’ and allow yourself to make mistakes.    Engage yourself in activities you are passionate about. 

Practise meditation

Meditation will help you declutter your thoughts and give you the calmness you need as a mom. Meditation can be sitting still in a silent place for some time and focusing on your surroundings, reflecting upon your life. Meditation can also be focusing on your breath, like yoga. The benefits of meditation are countless. It reduces stress and anxiety, makes you emotionally resilient, and helps you be more attentive to your kids. 

Don’t shy away from seeking help.

A mother is her children’s first teacher. They knowingly or unknowingly learn from you and look up to you. You might be a superhero for your child, but you are a human being who has her share of bad days. Being your child’s superhero does not magically vanish your mental health concerns. You need to understand that “it’s ok not to feel ok”. Get professional help if you sense that you are not mentally well. Mental health issues like postpartum anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression or any other disorder are real problems in women. It’s important to acknowledge and overcome these before it’s too late.

I have always lived by the famous quote, “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it”! It’s a shout out to all Mothers, to take charge of your life, you have one life and you have all authority to enjoy it to your fullest.

No matter how busy your life gets, it’s extremely vital to have good mental and physical health so you do not fall sick. Your health has a direct impact on your family’s well-being. 

If you take good care of yourself, you have the physical and mental energy to look after your family. You hold your family together, preserve yourself and practice self-love.

Lastly, I would request husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons to acknowledge the women in your life more often. Express your love for them with small gestures, support and being helping hands.

And, my lovely women, don’t compromise on your dreams. Give yourself the deserved credit and recognition. Please give a great amount of care to yourselves, don’t fall sick and stay strong. Motherhood is something you should enjoy and be proud of being your best version!

P.S- Jaya Khanna is a multiple award winner Life Coach and Parenting Expert. She is the founder of “Success Finesse” and was recognised as Keynote speaker on National News Channel, International Magazines, Delhi University and eminent NGOs, empowering individuals, especially parents to overcome their struggles and be a resilient better self, ensuring their children blossom to their fullest and lead a life of their dreams.  To connect with her:

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