Meet Writer Palak Chauhan – the winner of Be The One Award By Lotus Publication House

Palak Chauhan is an aspiring writer pursuing her career in journalism and mass communication, she started writing at a young age Palak has an inbuilt passion for writing since her school days.
After her 12th grade Palak started her own website where she publishes her poems, quotes, articles and blogs which are loved by her readers.
Palak has won various national and international awards in the field of writing, photography, and social work.
She completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Amity University Mumbai Maharashtra.
Palak strongly believes that “a talented person can do anything in their life”, during her school days she submitted essays and after she completed her school she also contributed in college magazine Ami Buzz.
She loves reading fictional and non fictional books because reading inspires her to keep on writing.
Palak published her first e book on Google books across 150 countries and it is a compilation of poems written by her.
Parents, teachers, sibling, and friends were always there to support her in built passion for writing.
English literature was her favourite subject in school and she loved writing essays on different topics provided by the teachers.
Some people, made fun of her writings but she never gave up Palak kept on writing.
In the year 2022, she received her first literature award for her self composed poem ‘in the lap of nature’ which awed every reader who read that poem.
Her articles are published by Iskcon Kharghar temple Navi Mumbai Maharashtra for their Janmashtami festival.
Recently, Palak has started learning guitar it was her dream instrument since childhood days.
In free time she likes to doodle in her doodling book and in lockdown she started drawing and designing mandalas.
Back in 2021, Palak started another website on where she publishes recent poems and other write ups by her.
Writing has helped her in the long run when she is stressed out she maintains a diary where she jot down her feelings.
Palak has given interviews to different publications and organisations on the journey of her writing career.
There are 60 subscribers on Palak’s website and then originality of her content is appreciated by everyone.
Palak became content creation executive in 2022 for the Ami Litzz Club.
Palak Chauhan has been selected as a Literary Lieutenant and has earned appreciation badges on her profile.
Her dream was is to form a community for budding writers who do not get enough opportunity.
She is planning to publish her second book very soon her quotes have inspired many people and they have also started writing and are publishing on their website.
Her story was published on Story Cabinet by the editor and owner of the Story Cabinet.
Palak writes on Thinly app as well she also wants to become a famous author and a news anchor in the future.

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