Meet Spiritual Healer and Influencer MOUSUMI KARMAKAR

Mousumi Karmakar is on a mission to empower every individual, striving to instill confidence, drive powerful change, and cultivate a charismatic personality while helping them achieve specific goals. She utilizes Tarot as a psychic tool to help individuals discover meaning in their lives, comprehend their circumstances, and find solutions. In addition to her Tarot expertise, she practices reiki healing, an ancient therapy that eliminates negativity. Mousumi also specializes in marriage and child astrology, numerology, and is a certified Vastu consultant (Vedic). Her skill set extends to dice reading, past life exploration, candle healing, and spellwork (excluding black magic), among other talents. She proudly holds certification as a Holistic Spiritual Healer.

Mousumi Karmakar, a Bengali native hailing from an atheist family, comes from a background where her father worked as a former employee of WBSDCL, while her mother was a homemaker. Her journey led her to pursue a paramedic career from 2012 to 2021, all while remaining unaware of the transformative experiences that awaited her. In the face of domestic challenges, mental anguish, multiple break-ups, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide, she realized that the blame did not lie with her.

Encouraged by those around her who saw her as a resilient and strong-willed individual with inherent leadership qualities, she decided to share her experiences and strength to assist others who were battling similar emotional turmoil. Mousumi firmly believes that while emotions cannot be erased, they can be transformed through deliberate actions and practice. Beyond her spiritual pursuits, she also has a background in modeling and has worked as a junior artist, with her last shoot featured on Potol Kumar Gaanwala, broadcasted on Start Jalsa Bengali TV.

Achievements Of Mousumi Karmakar 

Mousumi Karmakar’s achievements include being recognized as the first female spiritual healer influencer from Kolkata at the Indian Women’s History Museum, serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for Prithvi Women in Herstory Times, earning accolades as the Best Tarot consultant from BR Media, being acknowledged as the Best Spiritual Leader at the Indian Global Award 23, and receiving the title of Best Young Entrepreneur from Entrepreneur Ethics, among others.

Journey Of Mousumi Karmakar 

In her journey, Mousumi faced the common struggles of a middle-class family, compounded by family issues and unsupportive relatives, including her parents. Her childhood was marked by trauma, making it challenging to grow up under such circumstances. Mousumi’s experiences allow her to deeply empathize with the pain and suffering of those who seek her guidance. Despite facing financial burdens, she pushed herself to continue her education, pursuing higher secondary preparation while learning as a private paramedic (ANM). During the initial seven months of her job at a government hospital, she received no salary. However, she eventually earned her practical certificate and secured a job in the private sector, where her initial monthly salary amounted to a mere 800 INR. She found herself in the midst of office politics, often contending with jealousy from colleagues. Despite these challenges, her unwavering morality, consistency, and determination propelled her forward. Alongside her pursuit of an English Honors degree, she continued to excel in her job, consistently earning promotions and a higher salary than her peers.

However, she began to feel a sense of purposelessness, realizing that her work was driven primarily by financial gain. As a humanitarian and an Aquarius at heart, she yearned to effect positive change in society and work for the betterment of those around her. In 2021, a pivotal moment in December marked a significant turning point in her life, a “tower moment” in spiritual terms. This experience led her to embark on a spiritual journey, and she now proudly claims to have completed over 7,000 cases worldwide in a short period. Her efforts have been met with numerous awards and expressions of gratitude.

Goals Of Mousumi Karmakar 

Mousumi Karmakar’s primary goal is to help individuals manifest their dream lives according to their authenticity and lifestyle through her “Design Life” program. She is committed to supporting them wholeheartedly, boosting their confidence, and encouraging them to continue their unique journeys without hesitation.

Her Message

“Be not afraid of going slowly,be afraid of standing still” – Chinese proverb


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