Meet Dr. Khushboo Gupta – the winner of Be The One Award by Lotus Publication House

Dr. Khushboo Gupta, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery. 

She’s a native of the developing city Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Currently she is practicing in a private clinic and also professionally working as a content writer (medical) in one of the startups of her friend’s company. She’s also pursuing online coaching for my PG entrance examination these days. Her dream is to become one of the renowned Prosthodontists of the world in the upcoming future where she can create impeccable smiles through her profession.

She is also a singer, budding guitarist and an inveterate poet by passion. She loves being creative, and being in the medical field also learnt a very important aspect is how to lead a disciplined life.

So, because of her discipline and consistency, she’s able to devote quality time equally to her hobbies and dreams and trying to create wonders out of it.

“Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally”, she added.

That’s why her ultimate goal is to create awareness not only for oral or physical health but also for mental well being through various social media platforms. Being an advocate of depression and anxiety, she thinks that it’s her vital role to encourage, inspire/motivate, or to help our generation in every possible way through her profound poetries and profession. She knows how it feels to be crippled by anxiety and depression and that’s why she never felt ashamed to talk and write about mental health and its awareness both as a DOCTOR and a WRITER.

Her journey as a writer is incredible so far. She has never ever imagined herself neither as an inveterate poet or writer nor as a co-author in present life. Being an introvert, I’m petrified to express my agony and emotions, so I used to ink them silently in a positive way to cheer myself up, she said.

Since then, she has been healing and motivating others through her words of wisdom because as a doctor she observed, “The medicine only cures, does not impart healing.” Her wish is to become a solo author of the book, based on troubles and tribulations of her life & she’ll be so grateful that day when her words and story encourage or motivate anyone in this entire Universe.

Fingers crossed!! she exclaimed.

She believes in reality over pretending, and hates small talk and entitled personalities. “Be kind” and “be humble” is the motto of her life. She firmly believes that with kindness and compassion, we can create an impeccable world which we expect from others. Just need to raise her voice and ask for help in the right direction.

She’s so grateful that by GOD’S grace & blessings of her loved ones, she has achieved so much in her life at a very young age. Her ultimate dream is to make her Nation & Parents proud at NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL level through her passion & profession.

At last but not the least, she requested, “please be there for others” in their silent war to hold their broken pieces and infuse strength into them. She had keenly observed that when her elder brother went MISSING, her closed one left her at her worst.

She ended up by saying a well said maxim of Charles Dickens:No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” That’s why she’s here with a purpose, to love, to inspire, to motivate and to uplift others because it reflects her personality, her character, her strength, her worth and her existence.

This story first appeared on The Update India – Dr. Khushboo Gupta

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