Mayaa SH speaks on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

What do you think is the underlying cause of suicide?

People commit suicide due to depression, helplessness and frustration of not being able to do anything in life. Apart from this, there can be medical reasons for committing suicide. The biggest reason for suicide is when people think, that there is nothing left in life now. This is the reason why the highest rate of suicide has been seen in those who start feeling hopeless in all situations and are not listened to without judgements . A question also arises whether the thought of suicide comes on its own or is there any medical reason for it?The idea of ​​suicide is not natural. Due to bio-neurological changes in the brain, people start feeling that life is of no use. After this the person gets the idea of ​​committing suicide. Ninety percent of suicide cases are due to mental stress or  disorders that are developed and get aggregated with time  .

What in your opinion is the perspective of mental health disorder in India?

In India, being a prey to a mental health disorder is reportedly viewed with suspicion and there is a stigma attached to those who suffer from mental health disorders.

Mental illness is still a taboo in India.Depression and anxiety distress are commonly dismissed as minor annoyances experienced primarily by the ultra-wealthy. Worse still, people with mental illness tend to hide their problems for fear of being condemned and ostracized by a conservative society Very few understand the underlying perspectives of minimising restrictive options and maximising freedom,empowerment and participation, respecting honor and dignity of any individual and the purpose and effectiveness of how sensitive any situation might be for anybody who is undergoing stress and in some situations anxiety. 

You navigate many women through processing their emotions to self discovery in life , what as per you is that one quality that is important to break the ice? 

You should introduce yourself to that person. Some people may be in a state of confusion or doubt before the conversation as they feel that they have lost themselves in the process of a journey called Life and in some situations the reinforcement of this thought is so deep that it takes time for few to rediscover that their lives are not over and they are still living . To establish a dialogue with the person, you can start the interview with a general conversation about recent news. Compassion means imagining how you would feel in the other person’s place.Listening skills are very important and without judgements or unconscious biases. This will also make the person feel more comfortable talking to you. Guiding questions should be asked of everyone who comes to you for advice. In the situation of saying ‘yes’ in answer to any question, it should be assessed in more detail.

Listening creates a feeling of respect, connection and goodwill in personal and professional relationships.Thus, all human beings need to feel safe first with an underlying perspective that there is atleast one person who understands their situation in life. In my experience, the best of transformative journeys are build on an idea, sometimes the most simplest or average as per social norms. 

What is your simplest definition of the essence of life? 

Life is that aspect of existence that processes, functions, reacts, evaluates and develops through growth  and metabolism. The key difference between life and non-living components of nature is that life uses energy for physical and conscious growth.When you are in alignment with your life’s goals and purpose , life is perfect in your own eyes first . Things are simple, and everything just works. You feel alive, passionate and exuberant inside. You are not worried about how to get where you are going; You are confident in yourself, even though you are scared at the same time.Not sure what your mission is? You will be able to put it into words when you stop worrying that you are saying it right or that other people will “get it”. Stop looking outside yourself for answers. There is only one thing: Be Who You Were Born To Be. 

What is a favourite quote of yours that you would want all women to remind themselves about? 

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” by Melinda Gates

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What is your message to women across the country and globe on how to stay strong in life? 

Being emotionally strong doesn’t mean that you don’t experience pain or suffering – whereas resilience often comes after experiencing something extremely painful.You will need to determine a list of strengths and challenges that you would like to change. Make a list of everything you can think of, your strengths and challenges. Once you make your list, figure out how you can turn your challenges into goals that you can work towards.If you feel that you are detracting from your ability to be emotionally and mentally strong. Start cutting these things out of your life, or at least limit them so that they don’t control your behavior and emotions. If you have an addiction, get help.Peace, and relaxation will help you develop and maintain your mental and emotional strength. By taking care of yourself, you are sending signals to your mind that you should take care of yourself. Make sure you are giving enough time to meet your basic needs. Take charge of yhf steering of the car that you are driving on the road that leads you again to the destination of hope and immense self belief in life. 

What do you think is the best formula to stay mentally healthy? 

Be mindful by simply  being in the present without thinking about the past or future; choosing how you respond rather than letting go of everything that appears in your mind or your experience will buy mental peace and  focusing on one thing at a time, being non-judgmental and developing an attitude of impermanence towards things and situations is the first step toward providing temporary relief to our mind . It helps you to be open to experiences and helps you not to be overly affected by them.Participating in activities you enjoy helps you stay engaged and, in turn, happier. Picking up a new skill or pushing your passion challenges you, increases your concentration levels and makes you feel good about learning something new. It also boosts your confidence in being able to face new situations, challenges and people.

If you feel that you are experiencing any form of stress or anxiety, do not hesitate to speak to near and dear ones or anybody without living in fear of being judged in a typical manner or by living in what will people think in future. Overthinking can also cause exhaustion and can reduce efficiency or productivity. Always bear in mind that life is very long and we have attained the human form by taking birth on this planet for a reason or a purpose. Once you discover this aspect of your life you will walk confidently towards the destination that is Success as per your individual goals in life first. 

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Name : 

Mayaa SH

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Women Rights Defender and Empowerment Culturist|Podcaster|Educator|Women Mentor|Motivational Speaker |Gender Equality Exponent SDG’s,2030 

District :PUNE 

State :Maharashtra

Mayaa SH is a known name in Contemporary Literature .She is a Multi-National Award Winner , a seven times a World Record Holder, An Artist, a Podcaster,  a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress . Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist and a gender equality exponent to position and contextualize her work within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

She navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a medium to combat stress and fear and has helped in suicide prevention by saving lives of many women from committing suicide.

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