Major Pravin Singh – With 100 Sainik school affiliation, a revolutionary veteran showed the light of the day

Major Pravin Singh’s efforts in formulating a draft policy on private military schools have paid off, and 100 Sainik Schools have been affiliated with the Sainik School Society to provide defence aspirants with the opportunity to receive military training and imbibe military discipline in their DNA with the spirit of nationalism and patriotism from their school days. It is important to emphasise that, whereas required military training for all residents is not practicable in India due to the large population, a selected few citizens with such training, such as those trained in the NCC, can act as leaders in times of crisis.

EnGame Publishing House, in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and entrepreneur hunt is honoured to present Major Pravin Singh with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his remarkable, uncommon, and extraordinary effort, that stood tall as a realistic role model and a source of inspiration for the society.

Interview with Major Pravin Singh, Veteran.

  1. Your impact on education is immeasurable, Sir. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the crowd.

Major Pravin Singh – I completed my schooling in Chhattisgarh at Raipur, Jagdalpur, and Rajnandgaon and graduated with honours from the University of Allahabad. I was commissioned into the Indian Army in 1996 as an Officer in the 17 Parachute Field Regiment as the Best Cadet Commissioned in a Regiment of Artillery from Officers Training Academy (Chennai), and I am a qualified paratrooper and heavy drop specialist with a Gallantry award in the jungle terrain of Manipur.

2. How did you opt for the field of education after being released from the Army?

Major Pravin Singh – In the year 2006, after quitting the army, I established the First English Medium College in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh (Confluence College of Higher Education with B. Ed., Nursing, and Management). As a student here, I understood the necessity for an English medium institution in Rajnandgaon. Therefore, I had to relocate to Allahabad to finish my education. Since 2007, I’ve had the honour to serve as Commandant of the MBP Military School in Gondia. Its cadets have gone to the National Defence Academy, Indian Military Academy, and Officers Training Academy. This school has produced several international athletes who have represented India, as well as a large number of athletes who have represented the state in national competitions. This institution sparked my interest in the private military school model, which was then prevalent in Maharashtra.

Due to reservations and the restricted number of seats available at Sainik Schools, which are normally one per state, private military schools led by ex-servicemen officers filled the need for aspiring military officers. So I founded Confluence Military School (Chhattisgarh’s First Private Military School) and Cardinal Warriors with the goal of grooming its cadets to become officers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, IAS, IFS, IES, Doctors, CAs, or Sportsmen based on their latent skill and aptitude with proper guidance and training.

3. How effective do you believe the notion of establishing a private military school was?

Major Pravin Singh – Well, I did have some issues at first with local associations who were known for bothering other schools as well, but the support from parents and children was overwhelming. These tag lines were personified in our cadets in a real-life event, which was well appreciated by all—making Men and Women out of Boys and Girls and Physically Fit, Mentally Alert, and Morally Straight Cadets. 

Later, the Defence Intelligence Agency did feasibility research on our school’s viability of operating private Sainik schools. Based on this project report, 100 Sainik Schools were announced and given Cabinet permission.

Without question, people’s strength and contributions to society have gone above and beyond to make India a better place to live. In this pandemic, Major Pravin Singh has even gone above the typical limitations of their position to the great advantage of society as he laid the foundation of Cardinal Warriors during the pandemic time.

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