Let’s Spread Goodness and Spread Happiness – SGSH Series by Divya Trivedi

SGSH means not only to Spread Goodness and Spread Happiness but it also means how we can help others with small efforts and time, and how we can light someone’s path. As we can see the reality is too harsh but coins have two sides, right? Here also many people are doing good for society but when we need actual help then there is a no one to help us. That’s the reason this small initiative was started by young girl Divya Trivedi.

No doubt only we can make ourselves happy, sad, and motivated but sometimes we need someone who can guide us, who can understand our feelings without any conditions, whom we can discuss and there is a no fear of Our secrets.

SGSH is just something that gives hope to a broken soul. The right and positive thoughts can make the world a better place for goodness and humanity. Through SGSH series anyone can contact Divya Trivedi and she will try to answer within 48 hours. As you can see from her journey in small age she faced many things so she can help you emotionally, mentally and financial help also but in Finance she can just give the ways to work and earn. ( As she is also middle class). So Let’s Spread Goodness and Spread Happiness over the world.

Spread Goodness Spread Happiness Video by Divya Trivedi

Question arises🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️

Q.1 Why does she wants to help us?

Ans:- As you might have heard her story( if not then you can take a look at the SGSH’s website), she attempted suicide many times and she could not share her thoughts with friends or family. There was no one to guide her. So she can feel everyone’s voice.

Q.2 She is promoting herself for name and fame, isn’t she?

Ans:- Everyone has different perspectives. Some people have feelings to see only Good and some people have feelings of seeing only bad things in good also.

Q.3 How can we get in touch with her?

Ans :- Instagram ( divyatrivediii),
Email( divyatrivedi9099@gmail.com)
and Comment On YouTube.

Q.4 Can we ask for any help?

Ans:- Yes, we can ask for any help and she will try her best to help you.

Q.5 Does she thinks in this harsh reality she can complete her SGSH Mission?

Ans:- Yes, absolutely she can accomplish her mission because every day of small effort can change the world. It will take some time but when our intention is good the results will definitely be positive.



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