Let’s know about the multitalented Sanniyah Ahmed.

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce I have been conferred with the Nation’s pride Women excellency award 2021 -22.

 I always believe that Educating a girl child is for Nation’s development. I am proud to say I have adopted/supported girl kid education from project Baalikavidya.

 Let me share some interesting details about me,

I’m Sanniyah Ahmed, NLP Reimprinting Life-coach cum food and nutrition specialist. Born and brought up in Delhi, I did my Masters in Commerce (M.Com) and worked with Birlas as a PRO 20 years ago.

1-I did NLP Reimprinting mastery and life coach course from the top NLP Institute of India

2-Did 2nd NLP course in goal setting mastery.

3-Did 3rd NLP course in Awakening the healer within.

4-Did food and nutrition course from Linkcone University, Malaysia

5-Did reversal of diabetes and auto Immune disease course.

 I was associated in social work with NGO for blinds Uddiyan. I am also a former NCC cadet and martial art ( karate) Sr belt holder.

 I have additionally worked with British curriculum school IGCSE as a homeroom teacher for level A(12) and subject teacher for level O (10) for accounts business studies and economics. I have taught Maths to level 4 and 5.

 After seeing life so closely, I choose NLP subconscious Reimprinting Life-coach. Now I am making people understand and deal with life beautifully, happily with high goals in life successfully.

 I love cooking, swimming, singing, reading, and gardening. When I’m not on the job, I love to play with kids. I have seen peaks and depths of life. Being a lady, the effects of not having a child and fighting with PCOD, thyroid and diabetes, conceiving and losing kids, and changing the environment made me sick and obsessive. I faced depression, suppression and loneliness.

 But I’m an army man’s daughter who taught me never to accept defeat and bounce back life with full force. I didn’t say die and earned my life back, and I’m blessed for the same. As a fighter in life, I always took risks and had the attitude to tame them. I always have a strong attitude towards risks that if someone says you can’t listen to them, take in positively and move on two steps ahead of them.

Now I’m working on many cases with different problems in life, treating them, erasing their pains and sorrows, giving them a new meaning of life with high goals and self-worth to live a blessed life.

 Let me share Some success stories of my clients who are living blessed life now:

 #15 years chronic fear and anxiety went in 16 sessions.

This intelligent client of mine has had panic attacks and depression for the past 12 years. She tried everything with doctors, and when she was fed up with medications, she switched to mental healing with me. She took two sessions of 8 classes each online, did therapies and meditation regularly. Within this treatment, she travelled to her home country and UAE, but she was comfortable taming her problem this time. She has done two therapy sessions and has fully cured her problem. I guided her for diet correction too. She is confident and full on to life now. I wish her all the best yet to come in her life. #zindagi aa rahi hu mei. Thanks to almighty

 #dr by profession stuck in the web of life

#I had a wonderful time and a profound learning experience through my sessions with Mrs Sanniyah Ahmed. Her relaxation and visualisation methods have been one of the most effective ways in which I have come to ease my stress and mood. I also slowly learnt to overcome negative memories, patterns and thought processes, noticing a significant change in the way I now view and tackle them. The entire process of becoming aware of these factors affecting our unconscious and subconscious has been a natural learning curve for me.  I also noticed subtle positive changes, and it is a thing of joy to note that she not only guided me but also let me learn to guide myself into channelling more positivity. I do believe that her sessions and methods have been practical, as I also felt more clear-headed and refreshed after our sessions. I already am applying the methods and techniques she has taught me to my daily routine, and I know that I will continue to do so further inshaAllah. She has been a blessing. Alhumdulillah for everything..!

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