Jignasha S. Panchal Wins The Prestigious Purple Quill Award – A Game-Changer in the Literary World!

The Purple Quill Award, presented by the esteemed Cherry Book Awards, is an electrifying beacon that illuminates the path of literary greatness. It is a celebration of the extraordinary, a testament to the power of words, and this year, it has found its remarkable champion in the remarkable Jignasha S. Panchal. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey into the realm of literary excellence as we unveil the triumph that has reshaped the literary landscape forever.

About Jignasha S. Panchal

Mrs. Jignasha V. Panchal, (pen name- Jignasha S. Panchal) is an author, poet and writer from Mumbai, India.

Her Inspiration for writing comes from the universe and situations that she observes around her. She is an ardent believer of KARMA and also believes in universal magic. She wants to inspire people through her work as words are the best medium to reach people out there. She loves her family very much and gives them the full credit for what she is now. SELF-LOVE is the best love is what she believes in. According to her, if you are capable of loving yourself then you are capable of loving others as well. She has multiple interests like listening to music, reading books, dancing and writing of course.

She has won 8 awards in the field of literature and has been featured in various media websites, national and international magazines along with author interviews. 

She has co-authored 28 anthologies of which 10 are record holding anthologies and she is also a solo author of her debut e-book “Praan Pankhida” (Gujarati edition).

Recently her solo book Nature’s Cadence was launched that states about the rhythm of nature with humans and most importantly the book cover is eco-friendly i.e. made of plantable seeds which will turn into a beautiful plant if sown. In this way she is contributing something to nature.

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Mail – psoul1208@gmail.com

Achievements Of Jignasha S. Panchal 

1.Co-authored 28 books of which 10 books world record Anthologies and 2 international anthologies

2.Self published solo author of debut e-book Praan Pankhida (Gujarati edition)

3.Honoured with Spectrum Saahitya Awardee, 2020 along with blog interview and press release

4.Honoured with Emerging Author of the year, 2020 by IPA

5.Recognised with SHE awards, 2021 by AwardsArc

6.Featured in Daily hunt media website

7.Featured in The realpreneur media website

8.Felicitated with Spectrum Inspiring Indian Women, 2021 along with blog interview and press release

9.Honoured with Warriors of change, 2021 by Awardsarc

10. Featured in Times Bulletin media website

11. Featured in The DiasporaTimes Global, international magazine

12.Felicitated with Best debut author award by Fireboxx for debut e-book Praan Pankhida (Gujarati edition)

13.Won Best Adorable Mom of the year for my mother on mother’s Day organised by Fireboxx

14.Nominated by Feeling Agile Awards, 2021 for debut author

15.Literary Voice magazine feature

16.VIBGYOR e-magazine feature

17.National magazine TZP feature 

18.LITEROMA magazine feature

19.The Penstrike magazine featured interview

20.Merged Array magazine feature

21.Won various local poetry contest 

22.Won national writing contest organized by TheChaoticQuills twice.

23.Participated for Best Poet Award by Spectrum Awards

About Nature’s Cadence By Jignasha S. Panchal

This book consists of all the aspects of nature and its emotions that we as humans forget or to be precise ignore its impact on all its creations! Living in Myriad bubbles of our egoistic behaviour harms nature’s beauty and her way of giving us back what we deserve and healing in its own way makes her existence more beautiful! 

This collection has some conversation between humans and nature and the author assures each reader to feel those emotions in a realistic way!

What makes this book more authentic is its cover that is eco-friendly… Yes!! The book cover is made of plantable seeds which will turn into a beautiful plant when grown. The author has contributed in returning all the love,care and respect that nature deserves! She hopes all her readers too will be glad to read nature’s cadence and contribute their part as well.

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