Urvi Agarwal – The business Catalyst

With the firm belief in the thought “either find a way or make one “, There aren’t many entrepreneurs like her, not in entirety. Dynamic, and highly creative, Urvi Agarwal, director of MFL ( a 200 crore company), and founder of Media29, (professional speaker and software engineer), eyes with a vision to revolutionize the business sector in the field of marketing, to help them expand and increase the revenue from x to 3x. She believes “Normal Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star, but Strategic Digital Marketing is showing the world that you are the one”
She says” We work closely with clients to embrace a transformational approach, empowering them to grow, generate revenue, and gain positive societal impact. We have expertise in unlocking the potential and making that change happen, working as a catalyst to speed up the process through management consulting, tools and technology, and the right approach and strategy.”
She consults various startups, established businesses, brands, professionals, and celebrities, guiding them on various aspects based on successful case studies that can change their growth drastically.
Whether it is about consulting a startup from scratch or an existing brand to grow and market, media29 is a solution for everything.

Besides media29, Urvi is also a certified professional speaker, A master in leadership & transformation, trained more than 10000+ people, Empowering them with the knowledge to evaluate different products and make informed decisions in various areas including finance, entrepreneurship, sales, startups etc. She has extensive experience of working with renowned Corporates and financial organizations like National Stock Exchange (NSE), Idfc Bank, Hdfc Bank, Iocl, Hpcl, IT companies etc.

“Her ultimate goal is to facilitate an impactful change in people’s lives.”

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