Hemanth DP, CEO Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Pvt. Ltd

Delhi: Mr. Hemanth DP is an experienced business leader who has seen the emergence of India’s Aviation & Logistics Industry as an important and critical industry in his nearly three decades of business career. Mr. Hemanth DP’s last position was as Exec. Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at GMR Hyderabad International Airport before he took over the erstwhile GMR subsidiary and is now serving as Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Limited (APFTAL), a DGCA approved Flight Training Organization (FTO), based at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and Begumpet Airport Hyderabad and Gulbarga Airport Karnataka. He has a vision of developing Asia Flight Training Academy Limited (APFTAL) into a world class Flight Training Organization providing best of the World class Pilot Training to Cadets in India itself.

Last two years has been turbulent years for our Economy due to Covid-19 Pandemic and the industry reported widespread retrenchments and pay cuts across sectors. Asia Pacific Flight Training too bore the brunt of the downturn with nearly a year lost with no flying and over 60% drop in business over last two years. However, Mr. Hemanth D.P displayed considerate leadership and has ensured that the staff at Asia Pacific Flight Training did not have to face any retrenchment and received their full salaries on the 1st of every month without fail and all vendors and associates too were taken care in a timely manner. He has stood shoulder to shoulder with his staff members, encouraging them to actualize their potential & not get concerned with the extraordinary situation being faced by the Aviation industry and Economy in general.

Mr. Hemanth DP practices strong people centric leadership and leads from the front and has not drawn his own salary for last twenty months to ensure the organization can progress smoothly. Not only this, but he has also boldly taken the company on an expansion mode, when most others were curtailing operations, by signing a 25-year lease agreement with Airport Authority of India for a new Airport at Gulbarga, Karnataka and procuring additional aircraft for flight training. It is during these adverse times he has emerged as a Sterling leader who is farsighted and stands by his team, customers and stakeholders, especially when the going gets tough!

Visit https://apft.edu.in to know more about Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Limited (APFTAL)

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