Internationally recognized film “Mai Jockey” is now available on popular video streaming platforms MX Player and YouTube

Described by many as a Dark Social Drama, the Indian Shorts and NPS Short Film festival Award winning film “Mai Jockey” is now available on popular video streaming platforms MX Player and YouTube.

The story revolves around a man named Rustam, who is introduced to the protagonist of the story Jockey, who is belongs to dark social background. He turns of events and unexpected situations, the film depicts some dark aspects of the society in a most dramatic way accompanied by an unique storyline and surprise twists in the situations.

The actors put life into the story and made this film way ahead of others in terms of depicting a sensitive yet important social message in such an amazing manner. The whole credit goes to the team, including the actors Mr. Sharv Wadhavekar, Mr. Sunil Basarakar, Ritesh Anand and others. The character of Jockey as the protagonist is quite intense already and highly affects the storyline in the turn of events. The perfect casting for the film is the reason behind it’s success.

Mr. Saarang, the director for the film is the man behind the strong influence of the film. He has done many films and web series previously as Writer, Creative Director and Associate Director. Having exceptional experience in screenplay writing and film direction, he is working on many films and web series with renowned production houses.

Replying to the questions regarding the film “Mai Jockey”, he talks about the boy he came across in real life, who was struggling with his identity and for seeking respect from the society. Saarang was highly influenced by the vision and thinking of the boy and came up with ‘Jockey’, the main character for his film. He is a great admirer of Padmashree and National Award winning Director Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar and loves how he depicts the sensitive topics of our society in the most courageous way.

Let me live my life to the fullest with respect.” – Jockey (Main character)

“Its very challenging to interact and research on the lives of such people” – Mr. Saarang (Director)

This film is a dedicated to all those children who are ignored by the society, only because they belong to a dark social background. The film perfectly depicts a sensitive topic through an exceptional storyline filled with many unexpected turn of events. This film can surely give you mixed emotional feelings as you go through different situations going on in the film, and as you see the characters facing problems and finding solutions.

Audience can watch this film on MX player and You tube channel

Om Manglaya Entertainment.

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