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‘One photograph can speak a thousand words

Photographs are capable of conveying emotions, feelings, and several unspoken expressions that humans cannot express by any means. Yes, that’s the power of a beautifully captured image. It helps you to immortalize your special moments. Events of a lifetime can be revisited at a glance of the glimpse captured. The history of a family, person or nation can be journaled with the help of the speaking skills for future reference.

“Narration in form of photographs” is comprehensible for all.

Seeing through the lenses, we can see the world from different perspectives. Photography, for a few, is a hobby, for a few is fun but for a few, it is a passion. It is the vision for some and a way of living for another few. However, for a few of us, photography is emotion. The best tool to treasure the time that would never come back.

Facts about Photographers

Photography was never seen as an art earlier. Neither the photographers could earn due respect. A child was considered to be wasting his/her time if they decided to pursue something which was anything other than a conventional way of earning a livelihood. In fact, there was the rare scope of employment and earning.

However, there has been a real evolution in society. People are more aware these days and they wish to flaunt and appreciate themselves. Also, the fact is well received that in these constantly changing times. The photographs help us cherish the moments from the times that are gone. This evolution in society has led to the progression of skill-based employment. Hobbies are gradually being acknowledged as a profession.

Photography then Vs Photography Today

Nowadays, photography is acknowledged as a skill, and there is a well-established industry. Technical evolution in photography has also made things easier and liked by people. Earlier, there were really few who took up photography as a profession. Nowadays, there is a number of specialized photographers. Fashion, Events, Lifestyle, Landscape, Monuments, and even specialised photographers for child and maternity shoots. In this world of selfies, photographs have also created a different niche. Photography is more of a passion, which has developed in recent times.

Santhosh Kumar-In love with lenses

When passion becomes a profession, challenges become fun. Santhosh Kumar is a man who establishes his passion for a successful business venture. His journey was pretty complex. Dealing with complexities in terms of social pressure and financial obstacles was not easy. However, driven by his passion and deep love for photography helped he sail through all the problems on the way to reach his objective. 

His struggles

At the tender age of 14-15, Santhosh was aware that studies did not interest him much. His calling was for something different. The stills! He followed his heart, an old camera and his frames as vision. Finally, the same vision changed his life.

Just as in every Indian household, even in his family the question was, “Okay, photography. But what you do for a livelihood?’ However, his passion for his art was such that nothing could stop him and he kept moving ahead steadily.

Mock by few and support by some, that is how the journey started and then he started getting assignments, although less paying.

The inception of Amarnath Films

Amarnath Films, a one-stop photography solution came into existence when photography became an essential part of life. With Santhosh, during the same time was evolving the photography industry.

From black and white to colour and the 3D etc. is a journey worth taking. From negatives to digitalization is a progression in the true sense.

When Santhosh started, photography was not even a profession. There was no structured course and training. His training as a photographer was dependent on a few mentors who were already pursuing the skill those days, although few in numbers.

He still considers himself to be a learner and that’s what success depends upon him. No obstacle could stop Santhosh; such was his determination towards his skill.

He owes his success to Lord Shiva and his devotion to him. Slowly, photography emerged as mainstream and soon was considered an industry. That too, as the fast-paced industry. Photography became one major domain that covers all the events of the industry. Gradually built its vitality and impact too! Write history through the stills.

Evolution of Photography

With the advancement of the latest technologies, photography experienced leaps. With these leaps, Santhosh took a step ahead and become an industry leader. His innovation and ideas helped him to multiply his work and expand across India. Photographers were in high demand and hence he started expanding his team. A devotee of Lord Shiva establishes Amarnath Films and brings his team under one roof to provide a one-stop solution for photography.

Since then, he has witnessed pinnacles of success. Today, his company is one of the most renowned photography agencies in India. They primarily specialize in event photography. Helping their clients capture the best and happiest moments of their lives. They have completed several national and international photoshoot projects for weddings, maternity, receptions, corporate events, modelling, etc. which makes them the first choice of clients. 

Adding to his proficiency in photography, the values and ethics followed by Santhosh make him adorable. Amarnath Films has grown to be a team of 100 passionate and self-driven photographers. Under the arena of Amarnath Films, Santhosh helps in training the budding photographers and allows them to be part of his projects.

Santosh is an inspiration

Kumar knows the initial difficulties that a photographer faces, expensive tools, lesser income and higher expenses. The man who actually made an impossible, possible, now holds a lamp for the ones who stare in the dark for a glimpse of magic.

Santhosh is well aware of the difficulties a beginner’s faces; hence he encourages them by serving with the essence of photography.

Religious Belief and Devotion

Santhosh believes that all his achievements are only because of his Lord Shiva. He receives all his energies, creativity and happiness from the Lord. He is a frequent visitor to Amarnath and a celebrated photographer, got married also in Amarnath itself. Both the families supported his religious belief and spiritual call. They openheartedly joined in the ceremony at the shrine. The tough situations of the shrine could not shake his love for Lord. He is in very few devotees to have such a faith in God. 

Santhosh follows a much more disciplined lifestyle, which he says, is yet another reason for his success. He plans out his time well by priorities, which enables him to make the right decision always. Being very spiritual, he believes in god with all faith.

His life is a lesson and inspiration to all aspiring and budding photographers. He has emerged from a humble background. From a small town in Bihar to an international level company, the journey is motivating.

He establishes that your background or birthplace never can be a hindrance if you are determined to achieve. One’s consistency and hard work along with confidence are all that are required. “We need to take one step further, numerous doors open”, says Santhosh.

Sum it up as

A great photographer is behind every great photo. Real photographers are the ones who add life to the moments through lenses. Photographers are mostly driven by their passion for photography. Many of them dream to build their professional career around their passion but it takes a lot of effort, time, courage, and energy to achieve it.

Centuries ago photography is not perceived the way it is today! But Santosh stood with it like a rock; destiny drives him towards his destination.

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