Inara recieves the Honourable mention at Milan

Inara” means ‘inner light’ or self-realization. As the title already says, this is the story of self-realization. The film depicts the relationship between three generations where each generation has a different opinion from another. And the film shows how this generation gap sometimes affects relationships.

Abeer Entertainment started a community-building exercise show named “Majnu ka Kafeela”, where renowned directors and people came to talk about many topics and share their experiences in this industry The film was created by a team of young creators or filmmakers who work under this show. The film was directed by Prashant Negi and produced by Abeer Entertainment. The storyline of the film was written in collaboration with Prashant Negi, Rakesh Kumar Shah, Debanjan Paul, and Subhasis. Prashant Negi and Amit Naithani are the head of Abeer Entertainment. They are into ad film making, short film making, film making, and many more, which inspires them to continuously work on new and interesting projects. Team members Amit Naithani, Nitin Pant, Kausty, Manoj Ramola, Sagnik Kolay, Rakesh Kumar Shah, Debanjan Paul, Subhasis Biswas, Furkan Ali, Kunal Chopra, Sumit Nandi, Ravi Dixal, and others are the backbone behind the creation of this film and they all have made it possible with their efforts.

 The story talks about how lack of communication causes disturbances within a relationship while the generation gap adds to the conflict of thoughts and opinions. The story revolves around a person named Siddharth Anand, his son, Aditya Anand, and his father, Vijender Anand. Jatin Shah is the one playing the role of Siddhartha while the role of Aditya Anand is played by Fardeen Khan and Dheerender Udesi is the one playing the role of Vijender Anand. The film has beautifully put forward the message of resolving conflicts and misunderstands caused by arrogance and the generation gap and focuses on the need to understand the point of view of others. Also, lack of communication widens the gap between people, and sometimes, self-realization is important because you are uncertain about the future so there might be a day when you finally realize your mistake, and it’s too late to say sorry.

The film will be screened at the Annual event of the VL Film Fest this year. Abeer Entertainment is more than happy for this project and is very grateful for the global recognition they are getting for Inara. The film has demonstrated the real value of emotional attachment within a family and people should not tear down any relationship just because of some momentary anger and ignorance. Relationships are beautiful support to live a happy life, so respect that.

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