Goodwill Wealth Management Launches Discount Plus

New and Innovative Discount Brokerage Service 

Goodwill Wealth Management has launched a new product known as Discount Plus.

Discount Plus Online is the new innovative platform for trading with many trading options and benefits. Now one can enjoy all the brokerage services in Discount Plus at ₹11 or 0.02 %. The Discount Plus Plan offers a flat ₹11 per executed order. Discount Plus plan also includes Free Demat Account opening with no extra charges. Demat Account maintenance charges are ₹75 quarterly from the 2nd year onwards. It is easier than ever to open a Free Demat Account in less than 10 mins without the hassle of physical form. 

Even with the Discount Plus Demat account, trading across all segments is at ₹11 or 0.02%. The brokerage rate for equity delivery and equity delivery square-off is free. People can now begin their investment journey with Discount Plus, to experience snappier trading and swift analysis with insight already on the go. 

Discount Plus is the next generation of a robust trading platform. The uniqueness that Discount Plus offers is impeccable where all financial investments are under one roof from services of zero brokerage, and world-class platforms, to multilingual customer support. The trading platform interface is completely customizable, it has been made simple for easy and delightful trading. Quick decisions can be made with key insights such as price alerts, powerful charts, charting tools, market research, and much more. With Discount Plus, users are in touch with the latest technological advancements in trading with reliability, speed, and performance. Discount Plus is the one-stop solution store for commodity, equity, currency, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, and exchange-traded funds.

The main features of Discount Plus include optimized premium brokerage service, super-fast Demat account opening, the latest software and tools for trading across all platforms, direct mutual funds, and an amazing referral program. Once people start trading with Discount Plus, they get access to all trading platforms. The desktop and mobile are free of charge and there are no hidden fees. With Discount Plus, customers are in good company with a more secure, faster, and powerful trading app. Discount Plus is now available on mobile and desktop with cutting-edge software and the web.  Discount Plus also provides an awesome discount referral scheme where for every trade, people receive an incentive. The registration is free of cost. Get payouts every month and earn every time you share with loved ones.

There are over 2,00,000+ satisfied customers in 1,000+ PAN India locations and 3,000+ crores being traded every day.

About Goodwill

Goodwill is the leading commodity trading brokerage firm in India. Goodwill had made their way to the top by offering top-quality financial solutions for wealth creation and capital preservation. The question is, are people going to generate wealth or preserve the wealth they have formerly created? As long as people have a final destination, their investment resolutions have to be intelligent and timely. To assure that, Goodwill will always be a partner in guiding customers and being by their side all the time, all the way to their destination because Goodwill understands all the factors that have an impact on the stability or chaos of the world of finance.

Furthermore, they have always intergraded their platform with advanced tools for charting, trading, and technical analysis. In just 8 years, Goodwill became a market leader in a commodity that consistently strives to connect customers to the market in fresh and innovative ways.

When it comes to the technological advancements in trading, Goodwill has always been at the top of its game with frequent updates and optimization to improve the user experience. The technology that they provide always satisfies all the criteria critical to smooth and safe trading activities.

Goodwill provides a wide range of trading and investment opportunities, such as Commodities, Equities, Currencies, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, and Exchange-traded Funds. They make trading easy to access and hassle-free. Depending on the portfolio and goals, Goodwill offers all kinds of value-added services and brokerage plans for both online and offline equity trading.

Established in 2008 with only 3 offices, Goodwill grew to 75 in 2016, then to 100 in 2020. It has come a long way and managed to build a powerful client base centered on the satisfaction of its services. Goodwill has 650 workers with 1,000 service points all across India. Their average day-to-day trading turnover is about INR 1,500 crores. They have been awarded by BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), NSE (National Stock Exchange), and MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange).

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