FFB – Indian Pageant Group to Host National Beauty Competition on July 30th 2023

In an exciting announcement today, the renowned Indian pageant group, Femme Beauty Pageant, revealed their plans to host a national beauty competition later this year. The prestigious event aims to showcase the talent, grace, and intelligence of Indian women from all walks of life.

FFB is known for its commitment to empowering women and promoting diversity, is set to bring together participants from various states across the country. Contestants will undergo rigorous training and grooming sessions to refine their skills and prepare them for the grand finale.FFB Miss India is entirely different from Femina Miss India,Miss Diva India organisations as it ownly organise District events,State events and even the National Final’s.FFB organise District and State events to finalise the winner from each state of India to represent their talents in National Level.This is the only Cybernetic Group who are organising pageant show in step by step manner and are highly competitive in Indian society.

                The highly anticipated Femme Beauty Pageants Cybernetic has officially announced their FFB MISS INDIA - FACE OF INDIA 2023 event to be host on July 30th,N.D.After months of speculation, it has been revealed that the glamorous event shoot will be held in the vibrant city of New Delhi.

The competition will include various rounds, including traditional attire, talent showcase, and question-answer sessions, where the contestants will have the opportunity to impress the esteemed panel of judges. The winner of the national beauty competition will be awarded a substantial Pearl Crown, a contract with a leading modeling agency, and the chance to represent India in international pageants.

FFB Cybernetic Pageant’ has a strong track record of organizing successful pageants that have produced winners who have gone on to achieve great success in the fashion and entertainment industry. With the upcoming national beauty competition,they aims to discover fresh talent and empower women to pursue their dreams.

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