What is interior design?

Interior design is everything we want to perceive, it is a manifestation of our thoughts and imagination. It anticipates our needs and makes an emotional appeal.

Interior design has undergone dramatic change since the early 20th century all over the world when it just began to unfold itself. Today, interior design has become a frontline profession and every home or business owner is looking for interior designers to accomplish their dreams. Even India is not lagging. Numerous interior design firms are making unique identities of themselves by improvising new techniques and creating outstanding ideas and concepts.

E- Interio has brought more innovation to this field. As the world is moving towards advancement and technology, so are its inhabitants. E- interio is India’s first online interior designing firm that has given a new edge to traditional interior design. They aim to knock down the stereotype of interior designing practices where interior designers estimate and charge lakhs of rupees.

How do they work?

They work virtually and through their website www.einterio.com, where you have to log in and create an account with them to stay connected.

Their virtual room design service can give you the exact impression of working with an actual designer. They provide their customers with lifelike 3D designs along with virtual walkthroughs so that you can get a clear picture of the project, and can comprehend what your home would look like.

Show them your room: They ask you to take photos of your room and send them to them. They will work on it and turn it into a 3D version of your room.

Furnish relevant information: They will ask you to share some information regarding kids, pets, and other family members. Interior design is a very thoughtful process and it depends on personal aspects. The designers begin to work no sooner than they receive all the information.

Perceive the design given by them: Their design will exhibit various design ideas and a 3D view of your room. They also provide an aerial view and a 360-degree view of your room, so that you can comprehend and perceive the designs from every angle.

Choose your other accessories: After you choose your first design, you can opt for multiple revisions until you are satisfied. After that, you can also try out furniture styles and layouts that match your choice.

Finally, you can shop from their website and gain attractive discounts.

To purchase online, they provide you with the product code and company information for all the materials used to design your home and ship it directly to your location. You can enjoy the advantage of getting the same material which you viewed in the 3D designs.

E- interio has bought a revolution in this field and has received customers’ feedback for making them save 25-30% on the entire cost upon choosing their service.

They are India’s first company that can execute the 3D designs starting from rugs, and carpets to light and furniture the same way as they show virtually.

They have also launched a campaign ” be your own interior designer” nationwide, where participants can save 25% on the cost if they hire interior designer from einteirio.

So, become an interior designer of your own house and make einterio a part of your dream house.

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