Dr Mayaa SH speaks on Courage, Empowerment, Mental Health and The Way Forward for Women Across The Globe

What according to you are the two important qualities to be courageous in life?

Courage is necessary for wisdom to be successful because only through courage we can implement our wise decisions. Situations requiring wise decisions often come with difficult challenges that require courage and strength to overcome. Lack of courage hinders the ability to act, and knowledge without action is meaningless.Secondly, Take good decisions but also become a role model for others. By nurturing courage and wisdom in others, we can build a society where individuals are better equipped to face difficult decisions and situations with boldness and clarity.

How can women be empowered in life ?

As a country, we’ve made progress through consistent leadership and awareness building, clear goal setting as well as recruiting, retaining and developing female talent, internal and external communications and benchmarking, and our network of diversity and inclusion champions. But we know we have much more in this field. The first step to empowerment is ‘Discovering Oneself’ and believing in the fact that the actual liberation in life is allowing oneself the opportunity to ‘Dare To Dream’. If we have a dream and if we aspire to achieve it, nothing is impossible in life. It is the test of fire that makes fine steel, similarly it is hard work and dedication that enables any individual to grow both inward and outward.

Why is emphasis on mental health important?

Many people who suffer from any mental stress ignore their symptoms as a normal part of life or avoid seeking help out of shame or fear. If you’re concerned about your mental health, don’t be afraid to seek help.Anything related to mental health , like other physical disorders, are caused by certain changes in the brain, which are normal. By doing this, the stigma around mental health can be removed. Mental fitness is recognized as a state in which the mind is able to turn away from negative thought and focus on the task at hand.Feelings of inferiority and insecurity are the two major factors that have the most impact on many people . As a result, they lose their independence and self-confidence, which can be avoided by encouraging all to believe in themselves at all times and never give up as Life is Beautiful and full of beautiful offerings.

How can one rewire one’s mind?

Through a process called neurogenesis, certain cells in the brain grow and recover, especially in the early years. In other words, new connections are formed between new neurons and existing ones only occasionally. New brain skills are built by having new experiences and new skills.Everything we do repeatedly, including thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, becomes wired into our brains.One must try to be engaged in activities or hobbies that are led by our passion in life and in return are also reward driven. This will motivate any individual to strive for excellence and hence, not fall a trap to self sabotaging thoughts or any idea that distracts the mind from remaining calm and efficient. Anxiety, depression, brain fog, inflammations etc. can engage the brain in fight and flight mode (the presence of something mentally or physically terrifying), hence , that is the time to rewire the brain with positive thoughts to channelise our energies out of any negative distractions in life.

What is your message to women across the globe?

Faith, helps you know your feelings and who you actually are in the most truest sense . Conversely, the feeling of fear destroys your faith, but knowing yourself fully allows you to be triumphant in life. Instead of complaining and thinking about your weaknesses and mistakes, look for ways to improve your life. Connect with new people to learn new things, discover and accept yourself for who you are.If you feel that there is a lack of confidence inside you, then you need to step out of your comfort zone and most importantly keep yourself away from negative thinking. Confidence is hidden somewhere inside us. You don’t need to get it from anywhere else. It is within you, you just need to strengthen your confidence by looking inside yourself. There is so much power in self-confidence that any person can face thousands of problems at one go.

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