“Those who love to learn and explore never sit and cry, they use every success and failure to fly high.”

Namu Sharma

Dr. Archana Sharma is a brave warrior who made herself strong enough to accept the changes life presents. She was born and brought up in Jabalpur. She belongs to a Rajput family who is known for their brave attitude. So, yes she got this brave attitude from her genes. Her family background is farmers. Not only that her family consists of well-educated people as her family values education very much. That is why she got the best education from the best institutions. She did her schooling at Madhya Pradesh’s best school Christ Church Girls Senior, Secondary School Jabalpur established in the Britishers’ period. Then she took admission in the best college M. H Govt College of Science and Home Science for Women for higher education.

She was good in studies from the very beginning which is why she decided to complete her studies with a PhD which is the highest degree, everyone knows. She started her PhD in Zoology at Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur. Her topic of PhD was a combined topic of Biotech and Zoology. She also completed two UGC projects. She has been a continuous learner for whom learning is life. She didn’t stop there. As she was interested in teaching that is why she added two more degrees to her qualification area and those degrees are B.Ed. and M.Ed.

She tried her strength in many things. Like she also prepared for competitive exams and cleared a state administration exam but her parents didn’t allow her because in those times there were few females in such services. Moreover, she got selected for Bhabha Atomic Research Centre’s entrance exam. She had to sign a bond to join, according to which she was not allowed to get married for 6 years. The opportunity was great because she got a chance to work at NASA for one year. But again her parents didn’t get agree because of the bond’s policy. Then she started teaching in a college. She was doing many things simultaneously. Her job of teaching, her PhD and preparation for competitive exams. She got one more opportunity when she got selected in Navodaya Vidyalaya but it was a matter of working outskirts and her parents were not in a favour of that job. They were quite protective of her safety.

Finally, she accepted her destiny in teaching and completely focused on that. She got married in 2004. Now, she is working as an Asst. Prof. and HOD of Zoology in the college. In 2014, her life took a serious turn when she was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very harsh time of her life like everything changed abruptly. But she is a warrior. She went to Mumbai with her husband for treatment and stayed there for 7 months. Her son was 7 years old then. A child is unable to understand such situations at this age. But when her condition got improved everything started changing and getting back to normal.

She hugged a thought that if she wants to survive then she has to stay positive. She continued her job and tried every possible thing to maintain her positivity. During covid-19 she got so disheartened when she watched the news highlighting the number of deaths and hurtful situations. She felt bad for humans. She was not able to sleep for many days. Then a triggering point came to her life. She just saw her old picture of college time and tried to sketch her portrait. She made it very well. The next day she shared that with her friends and they praised her sketch art so much and suggested her to do something in that. They encouraged her a lot.

Then she started serious exercises for her art. Every night she used to sit and practice consistently. She felt strongly that she wants to do it. It became so powerful for her like meditation. She started feeling happy with her art. She dived so much in that. Whenever she makes a sketch it feels like some divine intervention helped her to make it. It made her inner strength more powerful. Now, her art has become an important part of her routine. She never skips her practice no matter what. Even when she is unwell she does her practice because it helps her to forget the pain or weakness of illness.

In her words, “Her art gives her strength every day to survive and to be happy.” She tried many things in painting and sketching. Like Madhubani, Pichwai, Kalamkari etc. and she started submitting her work to International platforms. Her artwork started getting appreciation and awards. Many artists think that she is teaching painting in the college. Very few people know that she is a self-learner. In this way, she accepted every challenge with courage and fought like a brave warrior. She decorated her life with many different flowers from time to time. And finally, she is gifted with something by the grace of God as a reward for her patience , consistency and hard work

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