Dr. Ajay Kar is an inspiration | Check out more about his successful journey and writings

Knowing Dr. Ajay Kar is indeed a privilege. And the ones that have this privilege will bear testimony to the fact that he is the epitome of reaching great heights in his career and pursuing his passion. Dr. Kar is one of the best ophthalmologists in Vishakhapatnam, India with his native place being Sambalpur in Odisha. However, his professional life took him to settle in South India.

Dr. Ajay Kar is an alumnus of the renowned Christian Medical College in Vellore and has a Post-graduate degree in Ophthalmology from the institute. Building a successful medical career did not stop him from pursuing what has always sparked his passion for writing. Bones In The Blue Barrel, a crime thriller, is his fourth novel after having previously published three extraordinary ones, and has already received high praises for it. What sets his writings apart is their gripping language and his ability to weave just the perfect thriller. 

Dealing with work commitments without giving up on your passions can be exhausting, but Dr. Ajay handles both aspects very effectively, which is a really commendable skill.  He makes it a point to set apart time from his busy schedule to enjoy the two things he loves the most- reading and writing. It is these two activities which complement each other and are the reason for him indulging in either of them. 

Dr. Kar also serves in the “Charter Chair” of the Vizag Alpha 305 Roundtable and has partnered with an organization that helps educate the lesser privileged children through the ‘Freedom Through Education’ project. His philanthropic commitments do not end there, because his time and effort is also devoted to supporting blind children at the Vishakha Model School for the Blind in Vishakhapatnam.

A person whose professional and social achievements are quite exemplary on their own is truly an inspiration. Although Dr. Kar has already achieved great things he continues to make a difference through his writings and his social contributions. The three novels he has previously written, as well as his most recent novel, are must-reads and should be circulated more widely.

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