Dissatisfied with the compromise on clothing quality when it comes to fashion trends.

Akash started The Urban Mall at the age of 22 with a vision to provide trendy, quality clothes at affordable prices.

The inspiration for The Urban Mall came to him while he was shopping at a large outlet of a well-known brand. The quality of the clothing was quite unsatisfactory, and the prices were excessively high with huge margins. Due to their strong brand reputation and the perception among young people that big brands are associated with high standards, the brands were making massive profits. He spent weeks looking for “trendy clothing with quality at affordable prices,” but when it came to top brands, it wasn’t actually available, and if it was, the prices were simply too high. Via a poll, he also looked into the consumer side of things and discovered that, although women are never pleased with the amount of clothing they own and constantly desire more, men are satisfied with less clothing. At that point, he made the decision to become a shark in the industry and launched an Indian clothing business with the goal of offering fashionable, high-quality clothing at reasonable costs.

The idea of fast fashion often places a lesser value on the type of cloth used. Overconsumption is encouraged by the fact that the bulk of fast fashion retailers produce a tonne of brand-new things each week. Quality is always sacrificed in this competition of trends.

The Urban Mall, which is based in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, now imports premium women’s clothing from manufacturers and offers it on its website for a reasonable price. The designs are picked up by fashion-conscious experts of the company and made available on the website in just 5-7 days. Compared to some top players, the clothes are available at cost-effective prices. This is because there is no intermediary between the manufacturer, company, and consumer. Currently, the product line-up consists of dresses, cardigans, jackets, coats, blazers, and top wear. The brand has recently launched, and it has been steadily expanding its offering. The business has a website and a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Currently, The Urban Mall India, dealing in women’s clothing, is fully bootstrapped. However, the brand has plans to start manufacturing in the nation in the future to make it a complete Made in India Company. It will seek support from other sources for this.

 This will also cater to increasing employment opportunities in the country. Akash wants The Urban Mall India to become the world’s most popular brand.

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