Dimension 10 Media’s founder Sunny Chandra reveals his inspiring journey from Filmmaking to Gamifying Creativity

The wise men say that perseverance or a never say die attitude is key to success. Your success is determined by 80% of your attitude and 20% of your aptitude. You may argue that natural talent is important, but what you do with your skills is more important. This is the inspiring story of a young filmmaker who once went to America to pursue his dream of filmmaking only to come back to India unfulfilled. But, Sunny Chandra, who hails from a small town called Champa, Chhattisgarh, refused to give up and instead marched ahead in his journey towards success in the glittering world of film making. Little did he know that he would find it instead in helping people discover their passion in the same.

Sunny’s story also inspires one to keep learning and sharpening your skills. We are all born innocent and know nothing about the world when we step out into it. But only that human being is successful who finds his purpose in life and keeps learning to evolve into a better person both personally and professionally. From a guy without a clue to a man driven by purpose, Sunny’s journey has been full of life altering transformations, which the reclusive director promises to openly talk about in his upcoming semi-autobiographical non-fiction book titled “Book of Breakthrough” or “How a single moment can change everything including the future!”

Sunny is a Director by profession, currently residing in Mumbai, who studied Filmmaking at New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. He founded a production company, under which he made two short films called 7 Years To Grace and Annadaata that have gone to Cannes Short film corner among other festivals.

Sunny’s inspiring journey

Sunny started his journey as a naive young man, who was 25 at the time, and decided to pursue filmmaking as a career. He went to the U.S. to pursue his dream only to come back to India unsure of his next step. After making some short films, Sunny realized there was an important element missing from his bag of skills, he could not convey his message to his actors the way he wanted to. There was a gap between intention and execution. To bridge the gap, Sunny donned a new hat. Thus began his foray into acting. Fast forward to now, Sunny has his sights set on a new goal, entrepreneurship.

During his filmmaking journey, Sunny founded Dimension 10 Media. It was under that production company that he made the short films, 7 Years To Grace, and Annadaata. Both the films went on to be featured in Cannes Short Film Corner for two consecutive years.

Sunny’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SunnyChandraa/ says he is also known as the man on a mission to help a million individuals communicate their stories in a visually captivating but creative and artistic way that is genuine to their audience while removing their fear of the camera permanently.

Speaking on his inspiring journey, Sunny says: “A lot has changed in the last decade, including me. So if we met a decade earlier, all I wanted was to make movies, so that I could be known for my work, and that wasn’t a wrong drive necessarily, just didn’t work out for me that way. Turns out, I just want to tell stories and help people tell their stories.”

Sunny’s current projects:

Gamifying Creativity -The idea behind S.A.L.T is simple, through gamification of the creative process, using simple techniques and exercises, we learn to tap into the reservoir of infinite creativity that resides in every single one of us. Sunny says S.A.L.T (#Secret #Actor #Litmus #Test) is designed to challenge/ignite the aptitude of the artistic.

While revealing his mission statement, Sunny says, “There is an artist hidden within every single individual and my job is to help you discover yours. After all I want to be known as the guy who helped a million people tell their stories in a visually engaging yet creative and artistic manner that’s true to their audience, while getting rid of their fear of camera, forever.”

Sunny’s website “Sunny Chandra”

You can learn more about Sunny Chandra and what he thinks from his website: https://www.sunnychandraa.com. Sunny has created the website as a virtual hub/learning center for artists of all backgrounds. Here he writes about everything related to film making. It is here that performers, writers, and filmmakers of all kind can participate in various courses/events/online seminars for a better understanding of their craft and to improve their skills in the film industry. Sunny has indeed come a long way with his perseverance and quest to keep learning. He is an inspiration for all who face challenges from time to time in whatever they are passionate about but want to succeed in their chosen fields.

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