Dayanand Silveru

During these difficult times of uncertainty prevailing around the world, the small business and startup sector faced a devastating crisis. Many businesses and firms were left helpless and it was even more difficult as people were striving through the worst situations. Depression and uncertainties covering up the whole sector and rising of the market again seemed hopeless. People are still making their way through these difficult times to strongly establish a position in the market. Dayanand Silveru’s story is very similar.

About Dayanand Silveru

Dayanand Silveru is a businessman from Hyderabad. He spent his childhood in his hometown in Hyderabad and graduated from the same place, after which he joined an MNC. He wanted to be involved in helping orphanages since 2017 and became a part of it where he provided them food 5 times a year and celebrated their birthdays with them.

He also wanted to start a business, which was his ultimate goal for a very long time. He was able to give his dreams a chance to be fulfilled and he was really into it. Dayanand was looking for some investors and companies for tie-ups to support his venture. This was the time when the covid-19 pandemic hit the nation and almost everything shut down. Businesses, firms, small-scale sectors, and everything else came to a halt. People were facing the biggest challenge of their lives while the whole nation almost stopped working. Everyone was in depression and stress. Anxiety took over every person’s head and soul. It was around this time, Dayanand was on the verge of losing his business. He had to overcome it anyway.

Dayanand also thought of finding a way and thought he should return to his past side of him when he was constantly working on developing his strengths and wanted to be successful before showing and proving anything to society. His efforts turned into results when he was able to establish his business franchise, Veer Salons. Veer Salons is a lavish, well-equipped facility with professional staff. The franchise generates a turnover of over 36lakhs and maintains its position as the best business franchise in the whole area. Veer Salons is a reputed name because of the quality service they provide and the sincerity they have towards their business. The franchise never compromises with customer satisfaction and tries to give the best to serve the people.

He says that it was difficult for him to manage both his job and business. However, he has always believed in working hard for success and no doubt, he has proved it too. He loves how everything turned out to be great after many hardships and failures and he knows he can make the way of his success. He also says that he is thankful to God for guiding him throughout his journey and believes that all of this was possible because of the almighty. He further thanks his friends and family for constantly supporting him while he was going through difficulties and hardships and is thankful for supporting him unconditionally.

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