Boutique Brand for Medical Health Professionals – Sashafé

Boutique Brand for Medical Health Professionals - Sashafé.

Boutique Brand for Medical Health Professionals – Sashafé.The founder Dr. Sana Farista says today buyer wants authenticity and not sharp sell offs. I myself being a doctor, understood in my 15 years of journey that this aspect of medical healthcare needs attention now.

They call it “Medical Uniform”, really? Naah, it’s not a uniform rather our Comfort Suit which carries our personality.

I was tired of that boring, uncomfortable doctor uniform which gave plastic-like feel, quite ill-fitting and oversized, not complementing my personality at all and so I set out to design clothes not only for me but for the entire hospital I was working at. My sachem appreciated my vision and efforts with a pat on my back for undoubtedly a class-apart look, here we got compliments not only from fellow colleagues but patients loved them too.

Then I decided to start a brand, before that I took up fashion designing course to acquire the knowledge of what, how, where and when in fashion. Whenever I do something, I passionately put my head, heart and hand into it and same goes for my career in laser dentistry.

And here it comes, the first designer brand in India – “Sashafé – Luxury For Healing Hands”, I agglomerated my team which fits into the brand DNA and My sister was happy to help too.

With this venture, I so intended to support underprivileged by creating a source of income for them, also I got some of them trained professionally for jewelry designing. Backend preparations started a year before we launched Sashafé. We faced the pandemic Covid 19 during the same time, which further made me realize how badly we need this brand for all the health care professionals who deserves every bit of this ultra-comfortable luxuries. I aim to create feeling. In fact, my mandate is not the sales at first.

Initially, I got to learn a lot as I didn’t belong to this field where recently I broke into, but I believe I was born a Stylist or a Fashionista. To be honest, few of my creations lagged the supremacy in the stitching as the material we used was super-stretchable and it required specific thread, sewing machine, technique and a specialized tailor too, which we later figured out and to emend the same, I bought the specialized sewing machine to get the best results, replaced the threads, made the tailor undergo a crash course so that he can efficiently work on a digital machine and a luxurious super stretchable material which is one of our USP.  

Right from the material to the end product is completely In-House. We are not just into apparels but we are one stop shop for all the doctors, nurses and the entire medical fraternity. 

Health Professionals are not dull, nerdy, shabby or monotonous. We were never given that option to change this notion, the real-life designers never ought to do anything for us so I became the doctor designer myself.

Knock on Wood, Brand grew superfast as off course there was void in the market place and we were there to fill it. We are a one stop place for all real-life heroes to get pampered, cared and loved by Sashafé. 

Our first showroom will be up by the time you will be reading this little article. Let talk about the unique statement change creations that we have to offer;

  • Jacket Replacing Men’s Apron
  • New Lab Coats replacing the old one in the market, which looked more like Chef Coat
  • Long Apron for Women to carry their personality and feel more comfortable. No matter what size they are, it’s a perfect fit for all.
  • Cute jewels that suit the professionals in a subtle way.
  • Foot wear and socks gives the deserved comfort to our over stressed feet.
  • Saviour Headbands Concept

I can so relate to it myself; I am sure my fellow colleagues will too. Let’s all join together and bring the change. Just like our perfect skills, it time to carry and look that perfect too.

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