Bhumika Tewari wins The Aspire To Inspire Award 2023

Kolkata, India: Step into the spotlight and celebrate the remarkable achievement of Bhumika Tewari, the proud recipient of The Aspire To Inspire Award 2023. This prestigious accolade, an initiative of The Eagle Eye Network powered by Digital Golgappa, honours individuals who have become beacons of inspiration in their respective fields. Let’s read about our awardee’s exceptional journey and dedication that have captivated hearts, making them a true inspiration for aspiring individuals everywhere.

17-Year-Old Bhumika Tewari Emerges as a Multifaceted Literary Sensation

Meet Ms. Bhumika Tewari, a prodigious 17-year-old writer whose extraordinary talents have propelled her into the literary spotlight. With a diverse range of accomplishments under her belt, Bhumika Tewari has swiftly established herself as a creative force to be reckoned with. From her mesmerizing poetry that evokes profound emotions to her published works and anthologies, Bhumika Tewari’s passion for writing knows no bounds.

Her poetic prowess shines through her captivating verses, where she skillfully weaves imagery and emotions to create a vivid tapestry of human experiences. Recognized early on for her talent, her work has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The Telegraph, The Times of India, Indian Periodical, and Deccan Business, cementing her place in the literary landscape.

Having already published three acclaimed books, including “Rapid Rafts” and “Lost in You,” which have garnered praise from readers and critics alike, Bhumika Tewari’s versatility as a writer is evident. Her imaginative storytelling has captivated audiences through her collection “Sort of Lost Books” on Wattpad. Moreover, her collaborative efforts in over 15 anthologies have provided a platform for diverse voices to be heard, showcasing her commitment to enriching the literary community.

Looking to the future, Bhumika Tewari’s ambitious projects demonstrate her dedication to exploring new literary realms. She is currently engrossed in writing a historical fiction novel set in the captivating world of the Maya Civilization, intending to transport readers back in time through her meticulous research and storytelling. Additionally, she is crafting a collection of spine-chilling horror stories that promises to captivate and thrill readers, showcasing her versatility across genres.

Her exceptional talent has garnered recognition through numerous awards and accolades. Her achievements include being named the fastest co-author by Bright Future Publication, receiving the OWA Award 2023 by Diva Planet, and being honored with the prestigious Bharat Ratan Purushkar Award 2022. She has also earned titles such as the INKZOID World Record Holder and NLHF Poetess Award 2023, solidifying her position as an accomplished writer on both national and global platforms.

Widely acknowledged in the literary community, Bhumika Tewari’s poetry has been featured in renowned publications such as The Literature Times Magazine, Lidue, and Eagle Eye Magazine. Her exceptional talent and commitment to writing have earned her accolades such as the Literary Mastermind Award, Breakout Author of the Year 2023, and Rising Star in Writing, among others. Recognized by the Inkzoid Foundation as one of the top 10 talented personalities globally, Bhumika Tewari’s contributions to anthologies have provided a platform for diverse voices to flourish.

Beyond her writing achievements, Bhumika Tewari’s skills extend to scriptwriting, where she has been awarded the Best Scriptwriter Award. Her talent as a travel writer has also been acknowledged through the title of Travel Writer Extraordinaire, further highlighting her versatility and creative prowess.

As Bhumika prepares to tackle the monumental NEET medical entrance exam, her passion for writing remains undeterred.

A beacon of inspiration for aspiring writers worldwide, she proves that age is no barrier to achieving one’s dreams. With her remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and boundless creativity, Bhumika continues to leave an indelible mark in the literary world, captivating audiences of all ages.

Keep a watchful eye on this rising star, as her journey is poised to reach new heights.

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