Barli Soumya from Hyderabad chosen as The Literary Champion, 2022

Barli Soumya is a published author of four children books, a former software engineer, and also a presentor based in Hyderabad. A certified content writer, Soumya is an aspiring children’s book writer and illustrator. A nature and art lover, she is also a passionate bibliophile, and a recipient of several literary awards.

Cherry Book Awards is delighted to share that Barli Soumya has been chosen as The Literary Champion, 2022.

In her own words,

I  hold a Bachelors  of Technology i.e. engineering   degree from JNTUH and a postgraduate  degree i.e. MBA  from Manipal University. I am a  published author , a former software engineer  and a presentator.

I am a  certified content writer from Internshala ,an aspiring and enthusiastic children’s  book writer and illustrator  by choice. I have authored 4  children’s books and a science-fiction young adult novella which gained  positive reviews and accolades. I  read books for the sheer love of written words .I find pleasure  in the company of books while letting myself loose with an android tablet  and a pen.

I am also an art & nature lover, a bibliophile.   I believe good books , an enticing glass of martini, good friends and a sleepy conscience is an ideal happy life.I ramble on random topics and like to share knowledge with others.  I  blog at . I would prefer writing  that inspires me ; not inspirational writing. 

Certain stories  have inspired me to create on my own.  Writing is my passion to express and seek rejoice.

Achievements in creator journey:

  1. I am presented a certificate  of excellence and as an honouree author  in the literature field and beyond tagore commemorative 2022 edition by Ne8x _official.
  2. My book “Twiight Adventures  of Nick -a space boy”  made it to the recommended  reads list bookshelf for the week and featured book in NE8x(R) litfest 2022.
  3. I am recognized  for domain based excellence  and talent outreach as part of women change makers 2022 edition by” She Excellence  forward “.

      4. I was commended and awarded  with Certificate if recognition and honorable mention from India’s Next Big Writer for online writing competition at national level. 

5.    I was awarded as a” Literary Colonel”  in the “Army of literary warriors ” on a story mirror writing platform. 

6.    An article related to health and fitness was   published in Ikya Vedika community magazine

7. My published books were reviewed with good ratings on indi creator and book blogging websites   I conduct poem read aloud sessions for children.


Digital Golgappa congratulates her and wishes her more success in the future.

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