Ayush Thakur -New India’s fitness coach and a former International martial artist

Health and wellness has been the most concerning aspect today. Modern science, along with new inventions and applications has been able to bring many problems in terms of health. It’s very shocking that a major percentage of people in our country are becoming victims at an early age for diseases like Blood Pressure, Heartaches, Diabetes and many other disorders. So, maintaining a sound mind and body is very important. Proper guidance from the experienced person in the field is necessary.  So the need for health and fitness trainers is more than ever.

Ayush Thakur is an international fitness and nutrition coach who has been able to transform more than 200 people. With more than 4 years of experience, Ayush is helping many people to lead a healthy life with exercise and non medication techniques.

Ayush Thakur, a 22 year old youth from Pune is also a martial arts athlete, who has participated in many national events and has represented India in international events of Taekwondo. He has also won many prizes in the sports and has made India proud.

But his affinity towards sports and fitness started from childhood, i.e. when he was studying 3rd standard. Interest in sports made him consider it professionally. As he studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, he got ample opportunities to take part in various competitions. So he played his first national game in 2013. Later his achievement and efforts gave fruit as he played for India in an international tournament in 2017. His achievement was immaculate when he won gold for India in the same year.

Being a sportsperson he had to concentrate on his fitness. Gradually his interest rose towards gym training. In 2018 he officially started his career as a fitness trainer. His ambition was to transform people and lives and to create a healthy society. So he went under many certifications and attended many training events to eventually impart his knowledge to improve the people’s lives. He got a great knowledge that would help people to maintain strong and sound health.

Later he started creating fitness and health related content on YouTube and Instagram to teach the knowledge he had learnt till now to the people. Through that he’s guiding many people directly and indirectly and being a reason to change more than 200 people’s lives completely. Through his channel Ayush Thakur Fitness, he’s imparting knowledge about fat loss, body recomposition, nutrition and bodybuilding.

Right now Ayush Thakur provides fitness training for fatloss,body recomposition,natural bodybuilding and he is also conducting many health and fitness workshops, training sessions about maintaining good health, seminars and webinars for schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, corporate companies and many more. Thus he’s contributing in his own way to build a healthy and sustainable society.

You don’t need a well built system and rich properties when you really want to contribute to a society. Your grit and resilience for the success and a good idea is enough. The whole world will direct you to reach your goal.

website – www.ayushthakurfitness.com

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