Astro-Numerologist and Reiki Master Jyotsnaa G Bansal guides many with her skills in analyzing Birthdate Numbers, Reiki, Crystals & Yantras

India has been one of the oldest lands in the world, the land of one of the oldest civilizations. It has witnessed the rich culture and diverse traditions that cannot be seen anywhere in the world. As a nation, India has been strong due to its diverse nature and demonstrating its unity through that. Many of our ancient gifts like astrology, numerology, meditation, Yoga, astronomy have been borrowed by the western countries and have been named according to their culture.

These ancient systems have been immensely popular across the world today. Astrology and Reiki have been popular which have been used by eminent astrologers and Reiki Grandmasters for the welfare of people and society. These are the ocean of knowledge backed by scientific proofs that have been compiled by our ancient great personalities.

Jyotsnaa G Bansal is an eminent Astro-Numerologist and certified Reiki Master. She has been working through her project called “Jyotsnaa The Moonlite” which aims to help people and teach them the benefits of our ancient sciences like Numerology, Reiki, Meditation, Crystals etc. She spreads awareness by analyzing & suggesting ways of improving life from ancient systems of natural healing.

Jyotsnaa was leading her normal life like any other before pursuing this as her career. She completed her graduation in Commerce and later pursued a Masters degree in Commerce & MBA in HR specialization. She has worked with a HR consulting firm called Nodal Solutions for more than 13 years. They were catering to many famous organizations like Siemens, Blue Star, Hero Majestic Group, iYogi Technical Services and many others. They have worked with many international clients too. She was designated as head of Recruitment and Business Development before stepping down from there.

But her affinity towards Numerology, Astrology & related occult sciences made her change the path and brought her to pursue a career in the Occult Sciences field. Her interest rose in Numerology, Reiki and Spiritual Healing. So she started working, exploring & researching in this field. She also took the mentorship from renowned Reiki Grandmasters like Ms. Shanti Malla, Ms. Meenu Minocha, Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna. Later she was initiated as a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing by Ms. Shanti Malla alongwith Rev. Kathyrn Anderson & Rev Gisele King.

Meanwhile, in 2017, she was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. After the demise of her father in September 2017, Jyotsnaa experienced extreme stress in life. It made her a Hypothyroid patient. But she discontinued the allopathic medicines after one month & recovered with the help of Homeopathy, Yoga, Reiki and Meditation & by changing her lifestyle & eating habits. She proved that certain health disorders can be cured with our ancient medicinal & healing systems.

After this personal life-changing experience, she gained a lot of confidence in these healing systems. She wanted to make people aware  about  our ancient healing systems and wanted to bring a positive change in their lives.

Thus,  through her project “Jyotsnaa The Moonlite” she aimed to reintroduce to our people the “Divine language of Numbers” & the wisdom of our Ancient Healing & Occult Sciences. With the core theme “Brighten up the Darkest Hours”, she has aimed to spread the knowledge, importance & impact of our Birthdate Numbers, Reiki, Meditation and Spiritual Healing to the common people. She has also been working with international clients from countries like USA, UK, Dubai, Tanzania, Ghana etc. She has been spreading her knowledge for the betterment of mankind and society with the belief “Numbers Reveal, Reiki & Meditation Heals

She has been mentored by renowned numerologists like Sidhharrth S Kumaar, AnkGuru Prof Ashok Bhatia & many more. Now she is well conversant with different types of numerology like Pythagoras, Chaldean, Lo-Shu, Vedic & Surya Ank Jyotish, Hora Ank Jyotish, 9 Star Ki.

Currently she is practicing & exploring Numerology & related occult sciences & divination methods as a Master Numerologist, Name Numerologist, Business Numerologist, Crystals guide, Counselor, Reiki master, Switchwords practitioner, Zibu Practitioner & Pendulum Dowsing practitioner. She also handles the native’s queries through different divinations like Dice, Cowrie, Cards, Pendulum Dowsing, Time numerology etc. as per requirement.

She has been recognized by many organizations for her work in this field. She is enrolled as the member of All India Federation of Astrologers Society (AIFAS) & International School of Vedic-Astro Numerology (ISVAN) & also with Global Alliance of Numerologists (GLAON) which is an Umbrella platform for worldwide Numerologists for qualitative knowledge sharing & research work in Numerology.

Her deep interest in Astro-Numerology led her to the Research work on Technical Profession or Career (Engineering) with Leading Numerologists.

Apart from these, Jyotsnaa’s horizon of hobbies extend to Art and Craft activities like Madhubani, Embroidery & other handicraft activities. She’s also passionate to learn new skills and learnt dance like Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad in 2019-2020. She believes in diversifying our lives through various interests and hobbies and makes our lives beautiful.

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