Artists says through their Art & Colours: Artist Kirti Verma

Gorakhpur based artist Kirti Verma wining hearts through her marvellous paintings & art. The journey of Colour started from childhood but during class 9th there was an art competition held in her school, where she participated, next day morning principal honoured her in front of everyone as she got First position, it was a surprise with Hope & Confidence for me, says Artist Kirti Verma with a smiling face. Her mother inspired her always, She is very fond of gardening & In childhood, Kirti used to watch her mother stitching and embroidering! She always used to make some flower or leaf shape and embroider it with threads of different colours, which i liked very much. Similarly I always used to make drawings on paper and decorate them with colours, which my mother always admired me, in the same way, I kept doing art in my spare time and my interest increased towards art, said Kirti. In school one of her friend who was attending art classes showed her art book to Kirti, Where she was highly impressed and decided to join the art class. It was the spark where Artist Kirti started learning Art after convincing her parents. After regular classes, Kirti Verma quickly grabbed the art of painting Portraits. Firstly she made her Father’s portrait and that day her father highly appreciated her work & parents decided to make Kirti, Artist Kirti. Kirti Says, I did not have to face many problems in the journey, since my parents were always stood by me, I feel fortunate & blessed for that. After +2 she did B.A & M.A in Art, Many Great painters have been his inspiration like Nandlal Bose, Ramkumar, Vijay Biswal & Nishikant Palnde. The paintings of great artist Raja Ravi Varma had particularly highly influenced her and he is the idol of Kirti.

Kirti says that the contribution of an artist is very important in our society. By describing this she told us, There are so many languages ​​in our world, it is very difficult to understand all the languages ​​and communicate in the same languages ​​but through art, anyone can talk to anyone anywhere, Art can speak about culture and society, We can know a lot from the pictures inside the caves made by the very old civilisation, which has disappeared and on which research is going on even today and that too was an art, from these pictures we are exploring about them, In recent times, we see that children who choose art along with studies are more disciplined, more tolerant and more efficient to handle a task than child without any extracurricular activities.

Speaking about the future of art studies, Artist Kirti says,“nowadays the demand for art studies is more than past time Because there are many avenues of employment for the artists like, one can be a freelancer Artist, tutor, Art Director, Animator, Fashion designer, Graphic Artist, Media Artist & many more. Not everyone in the world has art in him/her, few people are gifted with it, so if God chosen us to contribute something in art, we should do hard work to excel in our art.”

Artist Kirti Verma was selected & highly appreciated at the Akhil Bharatiya art competition and exhibition 2020 organised by State Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow. She was a participant in a national workshop organised by Lalit Kala and the music department, Gorakhpur University. Participated in Minarva Institute of Management and Technology organised by online International workshop demonstration and exhibition, she displayed in many art exhibitions but the exhibition organised by state Lalit Kala academy on foundation day in 2020 & 2021 was the memorable one.

Artist Kirti was a Very active member of various cultural activities in her college & university. She gave a Seminar on “ROLE OF YOUTH IN NATION BUILDING”. She was honoured in the inter-university zonal  “Youth Festival” Organised  by Ranchi University, Ranchi (Jharkhand),

In her art journey she got many awards and recognitions :

●  She was awarded in the Regional Art Exhibition organised by the State Lalit Kala Academy, Uttar Pradesh in 2020

●  Colour point art national exhibition 2017 got a Silver medal.

● awarded at art international exhibition organised by Mithilyan Art Gallery, Nepal 2020.

● international online art exhibition and competition on Covid-19 by Bundelkhand Art society she got the Gold medal.

● Awarded with the silver medal at 27th art point National online art competition and exhibition, Rajasthan.

In present Artist Kirti is doing her Ph.D. in art as well as running an art school “The Colour Circle” in her home town Gorakhpur. She is a true inspiration for all & giving a message to all students that, with hard work, Discipline & consistent practice one can be a successful artist. 

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