A Dream that is Achieved. A middle-class village boy becomes a tech entrepreneur.

I was not very sure about my career during my school days, but I wanted to become part of the Indian army as I was part of the NCC unit in school and college, so I was very connected to the army activity. No matter what, I always knew I wanted to have something to do with transforming people’s lives around me and entrepreneurship is the universe’s way of making it happen.

I soon realized my childhood dream was different from what I wanted. After two years of doing a corporate job, I realized I wasn’t cut out for it. One day, while looking back on the past two years of our lives, my friends and I came up with the idea of starting our entrepreneurship journey. 

We four people started a company in Indore with big ambitions, but we failed in our first startup and decided not to give up yet. We went back to our hometown with the same ambition but with a clear vision and goal. Now, we are in 5 cities helping around 370+ businesses with 30+ team members and the first IT and Tech Company in Ujjain.

Nexan Tech IT Solution deal in  all custom services like website, Software, Mobile application and Digital marketing solution across the globe. “we don’t just build your digital solutions. We build your online BRAND”

The life of an entrepreneur is full of challenges. We faced a lot of customer criticism. However, once we got feedback, my team and I made sure to solve the issue until the client was satisfied. We have now conducted 10+ workshops in different colleges and universities all around central India and trained 4000+ students. The company received the Certified Google Partner Agency Award and is now the number 1 Digital Marketing agency in Ujjain. 

My message to all entrepreneurs’ friends is that an entrepreneur’s life is a roller coaster ride. Success is always guaranteed at the end. Whenever you fail and feel like giving up, think of your dreams and your team. I failed in my first step, but I never gave up.

Ravi Patidar Nexan Tech IT Solution. Link (www.nexanits.com)

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