A businessman rising to the top- Hitesh Jain

In today’s day and age being a businessman may be a trend but not everyone can be good at it. Especially for companies which have been in operation for a long period of time, it is constant hard work which keeps things running smoothly rather than just reputation and brand loyalty. One of the best examples of this statement is shown by BLJ Exports. BLJ Exports was launched by Mr Babulal Jain and is one of the leading names for yarn used in rug industries. Babulal Jain was also framed in ” Hali magazine london ” as best yarn maker of India

BLJ Exports has been a family business for over 60 years but presently, it is Babulal’s son Hitesh Jain who is the CEO of the company. Apart from BLJ Exports, Hitesh Jain is also the founder of organisation such as Kiyaan Rugs. He also loves and owns Swanky Cars. Kiyaan rugs is considered a luxury brand and makes knotted rugs without any machinery among other designs. The two rug companies together rule the roost of the domestic as well as international markets.

In the world of entrepreneurship, one of the most charming and important characteristics of those who want to be a leader, is to be a team player. This means leaving no man behind and always being considerate about those who are included in creating your value. In this manner Hitesh Jain has always been a team player, since it is his brother Sandeep Jain who has been managing the finances of BLJ Exports. Not everybody is good at handling accounts but it is absolutely not possible for such a large-scale company to make mistakes in its finances. Rather than entrusting such an important job to someone else, Sandeep has taken it on himself and has been accomplishing it readily, with the use of mobile phones to make instant adjustments to accounts.

The CEO of such a large conglomerate is sure to always be planning something for the future. In the future Hitesh Jain and his brother want to take the family name to even greater heights by investing in the luxury perfumes and accessories industry. They are also looking forward to making a breakthrough in the financing and investment industry, with the long-term plan of giving other startups the monetary funding required to scale up and explore their potential.

Truly, Hitesh Jain is an inspirational personality with many facets to his personality. It is people like him who are a reason for motivation to the youth of the nation. We hope Hitesh Jain achieves many more milestones in the future.

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