Hermus, the Mastermind Sound Engineer Behind the Viral Indian Wedding Band’s Electrifying Mission Impossible Theme Street Performance

New Delhi : The world was left mesmerized when Jea Band’s electrifying street performance of the Mission Impossible theme went viral, captivating audiences globally. Today, the veil of mystery has been lifted as HERMUS, the brilliant sound engineer, has been unveiled as the creative genius behind this captivating musical fusion.

The viral video took the internet by storm, as viewers marvelled at the seamless amalgamation of traditional Indian instruments and Bollywood flair with the iconic Mission Impossible theme. The Jea Band’s impeccable musicianship, combined with HERMUS’s innovative sound engineering expertise, created a breathtaking performance that transcended boundaries and touched the hearts of millions. The fusion of ancient musical traditions with modern production techniques displayed HERMUS’s ability to bridge the gap between cultures and create a harmonious musical journey.

Other team members who contributed to the success of the Music video were Production House United Brains Out Pvt. Ltd. Director: Anoj Nair, 1st AD: Gaurav Prasad, DA Priyanka Arora, 2nd AD; Kushagra Maheshwar DOP: Siddharth Dutta 1st AC: Rajat Malviya; 2nd AC: Mohit Karpee EDITOR: Mohit & Amrit Colorist: Miheer Line PRODUCER: Mr. Karan and Mr. Vineet of Shooting Solutions (Jaipur, Rajasthan) Music: Jea Band, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Travel and hospitality: Jasmine Travels Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi) Special Thanks to Rajasthan Tourism Commissionerate of Jaipur, Rajasthan DCP Traffic Jaipur, Rajasthan DCP Jaipur Police, and Rajasthan Govt. Of Rajasthan Credits: Viacom18 Studio and Jea Band, Jaipur has done an incredible job in the video.

The viral video showcased the Jea Band’s virtuosity in playing traditional Indian instruments, infusing it with a fresh twist that appealed to audiences worldwide. HERMUS’s technical finesse elevated the performance to new heights, enhancing the musicians’ prowess while maintaining the authenticity of the original Mission Impossible theme.

As the video continues to garner widespread acclaim, music enthusiasts and industry experts eagerly await HERMUS’s next groundbreaking project. The collaboration with the Jea Band has proven to be a defining moment in the world of music, highlighting the transformative power of sound engineering and musical fusion.

HERMUS, renowned for their groundbreaking work in the music industry, has been pushing the envelope of musical innovation for years. With a trailblazing approach to sound engineering and a deep understanding of various musical genres, HERMUS has been instrumental in crafting unforgettable experiences for both listeners and performers. Currently, HERMUS is Exclusive DJ & Music Producer/ Entertainment, 2023 at JW Marriot, ADRIFT KAYA, New Delhi, Aerocity.

He has designed music for corporate events, launch parties, fashion shows and varied niche clients. Has worked with clients like Pernod Ricard, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, Harley-Davidson, Lakme, Wills, Star TV and many more. He has previously been associated with Buddha bar Delhi (India). Hermus has gained the privilege of representing India on the world clubbing map.

He has also performed for the after-parties of David Guetta & Hardwell in India. His work profile includes specialisation in Music Production, Sound Design & Compilation Albums for luxury properties which has been recognised and appreciated around the globe. In his career span of 15+ years he has had the opportunity to play at a number of elite properties which in turn increased his versatility in music, making him popular among masses and enabling him to share consoles with world renowned artists some of which are Tiesto, David Guetta, Norin & Rad (Above & Beyond), Highlight tribe and many more. Some of his recent highlight events covered playing at the prestigious British Polo Day India 2019 sponsored by Pernord Ricard at the Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur and Vintage Car Show 2015 sponsored by Cartier

Commenting on the collaboration, HERMUS shared, “Working with the incredibly talented Indian Wedding Band on this project was a remarkable experience. We aimed to create a musical fusion that would resonate with people worldwide, and I am thrilled to see the overwhelming response it has received.”

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