Healthcare & Fitness Award Winner 2023 Mumbai

I am Abdul Kadar Shaikh known as Irfaan Shaikh, a Certified Health Coach & Sports Nutritionist  with 11 Years of Experience, a Recent Healthcare & Fitness Award Winner of I Success Today Magazine for Emerging Professional Freelance Fitness Trainer from Mumbai Goregaon East and a Men’s Physique Competitor

Abdul Kadar Shaikh, also known as Irfan Shaikh He is passionate about helping men and women who struggle with an unhealthy lifestyle and he is here to educate, inspire and motivate people. His mission is to provide the best Platform for health forums.

I have recently started my own name  Fit With Irfaan is  Freelance Certified Fitness Health Coach & Sports Nutritionist  a company that offers Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Plans for clients. He helps his Clients to achieve their Health Goals by Providing them with Guidance, Support and Accountability.

Abdul Kadar Shaikh ( Irfaan Shaikh) has a Strong Background in Health and Wellness. He has completed his Certification from K11 Academy and he has also attended various Workshops and seminars on Health & Wellness Topics. He has worked with different organisations and individuals, such as  Diamond Muscle Gym & health & Wellness Management in Kotak Mahindra bank as well.

Abdul Kadar Shaikh ( Irfaan Shaikh) believes that Health is not just about Physical Appearance, but also about Mental and Emotional well-being. He says that Health is a journey, not a Destination, and that everyone can Improve their Health by making Small changes in their Habits & Mindset. He says that his role as a Coach is to help his Clients find their own Motivation and Potential.

Abdul Kader Shaikh ( Irfaan Shaikh) is Also Active on social media, where he shares his Tips, Insights & Testimonials on Health Topics. He invites everyone to join his Health Forum, where he Provides Valuable Information & Resources on Health Issues. He hopes that his forum will help People learn more about Health and Wellness, and also connect with other like-Minded people.

Abdul Kader Shaikh (Irfaan Shaikh) is an example of someone who has turned his Passion into his Profession. He is Dedicated to helping others to Achieve their Health Goals and Live a Happier & Healthier Life. He says that he Loves his Job because he gets to see the Positive impact he makes on his Clients’ Lives.

Abdul Kader Shaikh ( Irfaan Shaikh) has recently received the Healthcare and Fitness Award for Best Freelance Fitness Trainer in Mumbai 2023. This award Recognizes his Outstanding Work and Contribution to the Health Industry. He says that he is honoured and grateful for this Recognition, and that he will continue to Strive for Excellence in his Field.

Abdul Kader Shaikh ( Irfaan Shaikh)is also a men’s physique competitor who has participated in three competitions so far. He says that he Enjoys Challenging Himself and showcasing his hard work on stage. He says that Competing has helped him Improve his Confidence, Discipline & Focus. He says that he plans to compete again in the future and try to Reach New Heights in his Fitness Journey.

If you are interested in working with Abdul Kadar Shaikh ( Irfaan Shaikh) or learning more about his services, you can contact him through his profile by Dm @fitwithirfaan You can also follow where He Post Information post  

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