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Koyel Sadhu- a creative mastermind, brings all the essential elements to the table for her clients, which are required for successful branding, design and marketing. From fashion to FMCG, she is a brand in herself who caters designing and digital marketing services to an array of business sectors across the world. Being a professional in this industry for more than three years, she provides designing and digital marketing services for numerous business houses with the assurance of projecting their  company in the best possible light.

Koyel is the founder of Koyel IX Studio, a digital media firm, dedicated to creating stunning contents both dynamic & static, social media marketing, web design, UI Design, Motion Graphics and consulting for growing brands and businesses.

The sole reasons for choosing freelancing and entrepreneurship are that she gets to work on her own terms. For her, work freedom is the utmost priority which is greater than even financial freedom for creative professionals. She started marketing without any professional training and by relying solely on YouTube content & Coursera. She had pursued her graduation in designing from Pearl Academy which is one of the topmost fashion schools in India. She has literally learnt a lot from her mentors at college which helped her set milestones for herself. Currently, she is also pursuing a Post-Graduation course from IIT-Hyderabad which is termed as Design Innovation Centre in India. She feels that there’s no dead end in the path of knowledge. Being a creative person one should never stop learning. Designers like Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfield had inspired her primarily. Her inspirations also include Saheli Chatterjee, a renowned freelancer and Chris Do from THE FUTUR LLC. She aspires to transform a plethora of businesses  to reputed brands. After all, it’s the quality of the content that demands attention. She also wishes to upscale her drop shipping brand into a luxury fashion brand with bespoke category garments. During her internships and trips abroad, she discovered that the students in foreign universities are blessed with creative freedom and ideologies. Their style of freedom in creativity has also been a big inspiration for her learning process. She largely started working with international clients from the US, the UK, Australia, Germany and Canada, simply because they have more purchasing power than clients back home. Undoubtedly in today’s time Content Is The King and the content creators are the king makers.

Koyel is undoubtedly a multi-tasker as she dons multiple hats at the same time. From efficiently managing her own drop-shipping business to freelancing with multiple brands- Koyel is certainly a jack of all trades and master of all.

If Koyel had to impart some of her knowledge to all the newbies in the creative industry, she would certainly emphasize hard work and consistency. Despite being talented and brimming with new ideas, one may not sustain the competition of the industry. The competitive players in the market certainly make this a rat race but one stands out with their dedication and innovation. 

Besides designing, one must learn the art of selling. Communication skills play a major part in building long-lasting relationships with clients. The covid-19 outbreak was a huge set-back for business houses and commoners were the most vulnerable during this period. Even though it was a challenging situation for the majority of us, Koyel took it as a boon instead of a bane. During these challenging times, Koyel started her freelancing journey and took baby steps into this industry. After spending hours researching and setting-up the basics, she approached a few restaurant owners, e-commerce owners and entered her pathway to success. This eventually led her to earn trust & faith of the reputed clients in a very short span of time. This boosted her confidence and she tried her hands on drop-shipping, a retail model business which was already proven to be a profitable business in the global market. After generating a sufficient amount of revenue from this venture, she extended her help to a few clients and to make money out of it. Being a creative entrepreneur and a freelancer, she learnt most of her skills out of experience and practices. Her failures and struggles are the supporting pillars of her life which helps her succeed in life and provide the best services to her clients. Her clientele now includes people from different sectors including e-commerce, real estate, finance, law and FMCG, who were aided by Koyel to close finances worth millions of dollars just by using gripping content and strategic marketing. Koyel strives for customer satisfaction and delivers quality results while focusing on values and relationships. The brand successfully delivered its promise of increasing sales and the revenue increased manifold through its innovative social media marketing strategies. This in turn helped various businesses to upscale and meet their targets. She also advises the youngsters to build their skill-set including sales skills to achieve success. For her, success is subjective but she believes that to take the leap of faith, one needs to picture a clear idea of what is happening around her and where she wants to head in her life. Koyel has been into a full-time job for around 2 years and later discovered that her creativity is hitting a dead end. Years after serving clients with good business, worthy contents & a lot more, that’s when she chose to set herself free from the shackles of corporate toxicity. She believes that this is just the beginning and one never really knows the twists and turns of life. It’s better to sit back and enjoy the roller-coaster ride and learn along the way.

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